IPD services have been providing quality global brands like Elsteel into the Australian market for over 60 years.  IPD supply Universal Switchboards with Elsteel products who are a one stop supplier for all low voltage enclosures, from small terminal boxes to large distribution boards and motor control centres.  Elsteel are a Danish company with over 800 skilled professionals in five countries, manufacturing the worlds best technical solutions

Benefits of Elsteel

  • High quality product

  • Vast range of panel board systems

  • Solid documentation behind every product and solution they design

  • Solutions contribute to significant cost savings

  • Product design suit local market needs

  • Superior in research, development and testing

  • Superior support


Techno Module is a modern, patented modular construction system for building LV Panelboards, Switchboards and Motor Control Centres.


Techno Module is the original 200mm modular grid design and is easy to assemble, easy to expand during and after construction, open to all circuit breaker brands and will technically fulfill all requirement that you might have.


Instant panels are suitable for small distribution switchboards, small power factor correction boards and UPS applications.  Elsteel have taken their most popular sizes and merged them with side covers and corner bars into one single unit.


Designed on the patented 200 mm grid system, all parts from TM and TML are also compatible.


Elsteel manufacturer the world’s most advanced and flexible Design Verified busbar systems. Supports and holders are made from reinforced self-extinguishing material.


Busbars systems utilise standard 10mm flat bars and are a clamp-type arrangement, this allows the bars to easily slide into their holders, offering easy assembly, as well as minimum resistance during expansion or contraction. Both copper and aluminium bars have been tested with the Elsteel busbar holders. 


Plug and Power™ - A revolutionary new way of making Power Distribution Boards and Motor Control Centres!


The vertical busbar risers & droppers are mounted in a unique busbar holder, this doubles as a Form 4 separation plate and a plug-in base.  Elsteel call it the motherboard. These motherboards run the entire height of each Plug & Power™ section.


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