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Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Property Investment if done correctly is often seen as being less risky than other forms of investment, but can have its own drawbacks if not planned correctly. The property market, no matter where in the world, whether domestic or commercial has experienced peaks and troughs. It is an industry that when it thrives everyone around particular trades flourish, but when there is a downturn, sadly it becomes about a race to the bottom for many players trying to sustain their position in the market. As electrical contractors, we want to see organisations like MKS Property Developments succeed. Despite that Home Loan applications within Western Australia have fallen, Monica Kaur has overcome personal and economic challenges to grow a successful business, stimulating employment, supporting trades and contributing to economic growth.

This is Monica Kaur’s story - Years of hard work have finally paid off. Perseverance, discipline, and sound property investing has brought me to financial independence and a comfortable retirement. The rental income from my properties generate positive cash flow. The sum of positive cashflows from the numerous properties not only covered my basis living expenses, it covered the lifestyle that I had whilst I was working. To me this is the true definition of financial independence – when you no longer have to work. You have the option to work or not. It is not a necessity, it is a choice.

I do not intend to sell any of my properties. Why should I sell them when it is generating passive income for me? And not only is it generating income, it is generating wealth for my kids. This kind of wealth is something that is padded on for generations. Money begets money. My property portfolio is to be split between my three kids. I have brought up each of them well and they have started their journey to independence with a more solid footing that I had. They are one step ahead of the game and have listened to my wisdom and incorporated their own strategies to succeed in today’s market.

But it didn’t all start out like this. My dad died when we were young, and mum could only afford school fees for two of my siblings. I was the youngest. However, I happened to be a bright student and was good at sports, so my teachers decided to keep me on at school and taught me pro bono. At a very young age I learnt what leadership meant. Five of us lived cramped in a small house and more often than not we used a small mattress to sleep in the living room at night for want of space. Money was always scarce, and we struggled to make the most of what we had. Early in life I had decided that there was no way I would let my children go through this kind of penury. I had a passion for Real estate and loved big, beautiful homes. I dreamed of owning many houses and investing in property.

As they say, when you dream big and want something badly enough, the universe conspires to make things happen. And so, it was with me. I opened my first Real Estate Company in Singapore at the age of twenty-one. By twenty-three I was a millionaire! I have always lived my life on my own terms. I have never worked for anyone and I have always had the courage to dream big. In 2006, we moved to Australia for further education for my children. By this time, I was buying and selling in Singapore and Malaysia. When we came here to Australia, I realised the opportunities that were available here. I diversified into property development. I now own and run MKS Property Investments and Developments, Paradise Property Group and Paradise Builders WA Pty Ltd.

It wasn’t all hunky dory though. I was competing in an industry that was all male. I had been brought up in a conservative Indian family. I had to break many rules and cross many hurdles but my passion and drive kept me going. Fast forward to 2019 and I have tripled my business. My son now owns fifty percent of my companies. He has always been a passionate as I am. I am helping others to grow their property portfolios. I am seeing myself in myself in my clients as they move towards financial freedom with my help and guidance. This gives me endless pleasure. Life is now all about giving back. Giving back by educating people about opportunities and strategies in property management that I have learned the hard way.

There are so many opportunities in property development and so much satisfaction in custom building your own property from scratch, rather than choosing a ready made project home. To me, giving back also means giving to the less fortunate. I have always promised myself that I must help others who are in need of assistance and the time has now come where I can dedicate myself towards doing good for others. I still leave each day with a positive outlook on life. This attracts positive vibes and energy and reverberates with my friends and family. I hope to continue helping others achieve financial freedom as I have done. That is my ‘why’.

Universal Electro Tech, together with Universal Switchboards, provide a comprehensive range of technically advanced electrical services to the commercial, industrial, construction and mining industry throughout Perth, and regional areas of Australia. We believe in providing quality electrical solutions, this means we do not participate in driving pricing down, like MKS Property Investments, we want to be in the market place in many years to come contributing to economic growth. Feel the power of connecting to a great team of qualified and reliable electricians, that deliver first class solutions to solve your electrical problems. Electrical Solutions Designed and Delivered by Universal Electro Tech and Universal Switchboards. Contact our team on (08) 9328 9491 | | or visit our premises at 105 Robinson Avenue, Belmont, WA 6104.

Property investment can be confronting and confusing, but with the right help it is possible to get on the property ladder. We have provided recommended contacts below to help you get started with your financial planning, property development and mortgage loans:

Katie McDonald (Strategic Adviser / Financial Planning)

Boutique Advisers

(08) 9381 8779

Monica Kaur

MKS Property Development

0430 285 385

Jon Haines (Mortgage Broker)

Tick Finance

0411 591 699

Deon Booysen (Mortgage Broker)

Perthgrowth Finance

0478 612 558

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