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Updated: Aug 5, 2020

If you were asked what your goals, desires or wants were five years ago, I don’t believe any of us would have said a Virus that would put a stop to global trading, international travel and changing the way we engage daily. There is no secret that the last several months have had a profound impact on businesses worldwide, bringing many employers and employees to their knees emotionally, mentally, physically and professionally. There are however, many organisations within the community, like The Family Travel Company that are finding a way to pivot, innovate and ensure sustainability into the future. It has become more important than ever to support local businesses, which will be a crucial part of the process to successfully revive and recover local economies.

In times of turbulence and uncertainty, finding tranquillity is important to feel rejuvenated and invigorated to focus on the positive aspects of our lives. It is finding a space to be, to feel and allow our worries to wash away. We are not all fortunate to walk along the beach with the warm white powdery sand between our toes, gazing into the sunset. But we all have the power to explore our home towns! Adventure of any kind motivates us to get out of bed, it evokes interest and gives us a burning desire to look beyond our periphery and see the beauty around us. Travel was the perfect form of escapism and adventure for Eleanor Chappell, who is the founder of The Family Travel Company based in Perth, Western Australia. This is Eleanor’s story of her passion for travel, adventure and commitment to community.

From Handcuffs to Holidays

Having spent 14 years between Defence and Emergency Service, feeling ‘as far away from the realities of the job’ as she could, was the perfect remedy for her. However, Eleanor’s personal and professional values evolved as her career progressed and she started a family. This changed her view on travel. It was no longer just about escapism; it was about friendships, education, new experiences, resilience, challenging yourself and being grateful. As well as time out with the people who mean the most to you.

Not Your Traditional Travel Agency

In 2018 The Family Travel Company was born. This is no traditional travel agency. Why? First of all, the Company is a Consultancy and Eleanor’s aim is to support working professional families to enjoy complete peace of mind on their international adventures; peace of mind that everything from research, planning, booking and management is taken care of, to families being confident in the knowledge that regardless of what country they are in, she is always there to support them if they need help.

In this modern age, the demand on working professionals is phenomenal, and exhausting. Sometimes we need a little reminder and support to pull ourselves away from the craziness of everyday life, and immerse ourselves in different experiences to relax, recharge and reconnect.

Secondly, Eleanor is very passionate about supporting local WA businesses. Having seen what happens to communities when local businesses close their doors, she was determined to get creative to connect domestic travellers with local tourism providers. Therefore, Eleanor created ‘3 Night Exclusive Getaways’; handpicked experiences with families at the forefront, all within a 3-hour drive from Perth.

Delivering the Travel Experience - Differently

The challenges of Covid-19 have been devastating on the travel and tourism industries and it continues to pose challenges for both. However, from the start of Covid, Eleanor looked for opportunities and solutions – innovative solutions. Eleanor has been working extremely hard in the background in preparation to launch a very exciting new product. There is currently nothing like it in the Perth market; a product which will adopt a holistic approach to travel experiences - delivering education, inspiration and expert advice, as well as bringing back a sense of belonging and community connection.

In times of difficulty we don’t always have control over what is happening, but we do have the ability to change our thought process and shape our destiny. Do not accept monotony and feel swept away with the unrelenting tide of media and global negativity. No one has a crystal ball to predict the future, nor do we know when boarder or travel restrictions will be removed to travel internationally. It could be that you are waiting months or years. The time is now, explore your home country, make a footprint to support local businesses within your community. Work with the Family Travel Company who are unconventional in their approach, ensuring they truly understand your ideal get away. They deliver a fresh approach to travel for the modern family.

The Family Travel Company believes the secret to happiness is not in the things you possess, but the moments that truly define life. Stay connected and find out more about the Family Travel Company’s new product launch and how you will benefit.

The Family Travel Company

Eleanor Chappell

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