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Updated: Apr 29, 2020

There is no doubt that electricity has shaped our world, and created innovative infrastructure and products that one could only have imagined decades ago. Electricity is enabling generations to push boundaries, creating technology that is making the way in which we operate more efficient and information accessible. There is an adage which is ever more pertinent to business today that Marshall Goldsmith said, “What got you here won’t get you there”. In order to sustain our position in the market, we need to continuously adapt our internal environment to meet the demands of our ever-evolving external environment. Change needs to promote growth and have the desired results, modifying your environment can not be done on a whim.

Leadership requires you to have a finger on the pulse, like your brand, leadership is not static. It necessitates self-awareness to evolve and adapt to different conditions faced in the life spam of an organisation. Universal Electro Tech, has always had a strong focus on providing an ethical and sustainable electrical solution at pricing that is profitable. Our focus is to make sure that we are not participating in the race to the bottom, but standing by an industry to price correctly. This has however, meant that we have had to adjust our business and redirect our focus on services provided. In 2011 Daniel Goodman started Universal Electro Tech formally known as GP Electro Tech Pty Ltd. Identifying market changes and the need for financial backing to take the business forward, Christopher Hicks purchased Universal Electro Tech in 2017.

This was to be the start of a new journey with Universal Electro Tech and the birth of Universal Switchboards in 2018 and the acquisition of Professional Cabling Services in 2019. Diligence and culture retention have been vital for the strategic growth, to commercially remain astute, adapting, adding value and addressing client pain points. To ensure cultural compatibility, Daniel Goodman was appointed in the capacity of National General Manager, to manage the three tiers of CRH Electrical Pty Ltd. We believe in creating a culture of learning, training and development where we invest in our employees. Fostering an environment where we see the best outcome for both our employees and customers.

Universal Electro-Tech provide complete electrical solutions for customers large or small, focusing on the residential, commercial, construction and reactive maintenance works. Our professional team of skilled trades focus on working with homeowners, real estate agents, strata managers, facilities managers, project managers and developers. From the installation of power sockets, to lights, CCTV and comprehensive electrical refurbishment. Providing power is as necessary to the electrical aesthetics, ensuring properties are taken from darkness into light. Universal Switchboards compliments Universal Electro Tech, by providing Modulised Switchboards for the commercial, industrial, construction and mining industry. Designing, manufacturing and delivering switchboard, metering and switchgear solutions to electrical contractors, developers and builders. We are fortunate to supply switchboards as a capital item but also have the ability to compliment projects internally, by manufacturing and installing our own boards alongside electrical contracting works.

To provide a holistic electrical solution, Professional Cabling Services was acquired as an established business with 30 years’ experience across Perth and the South West region of Western Australia. WALGA approved with a focus on communication to connect businesses, our services range from the supply of individual components to complete communication systems design and installation. Focusing on Health, Education, Government, Commercial and Industrial sectors. Fibre optic, structured cabling, telephone cabling and wireless Lan are a necessary function of an organisation’s information and technology infrastructure.

We conduct business to enhance future sustainability, while not compromising the services or products we offer our customers. The management team have over 100 combined years’ experience in the industry and are armoured with an extensive network of electricians, apprentices, trade assistants and operations staff to facilitate instructed works. It is undeniable that the recent acquisition to gain industry strength, has come about through strong leadership to increase our portfolio of service offering. Reed B Markham said “Great leaders are prepared for the winds of change.” In a world that is progressing, informed decisions need to be made to sustain growth".

Don’t be afraid to change direction, acquire new skills or purchase an organisation that either compliments your existing services or is different, but meets an alternative market need. Innovation, engaged employees, correctly priced products and services, alongside happy clients is a recipe for long term success. There is no perfect formula but rather a willingness and awareness to take a calculated risk to adapt, standing still is merely not an option. Give our team of bright sparks a call to assess how we can help you resolve your electrical concerns. Universal Electro Tech, Universal Switchboards and Professional cabling Services | | (08) 9328 9491 | | | (08) 9478 5311 located at 105 Robinson Avenue, Belmont, WA 6104 and Unit 4/4 Picton Road, WA Bunbury 6230.

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