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Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Christmas is the season of celebration, lights, baubles, family and friends. Sadly, for some they are grief stricken at this time of year, through homelessness or remembering loved ones that are no longer here. It is also a time of reflection of wins and losses throughout the year personally and professionally. As we close our doors at Universal Electro Tech and Universal Switchboards for the festive season, we are thankful to be standing strong in a challenging economic climate. 2019 has brought many businesses into darkness, with no hope of their light being turned back on. This creating unemployment, loss of homes and economic turmoil, leaving individuals and families in shock and despair.

Two simple, but powerful words, thank you, does not seem enough for the gratitude we have for the continued support our clients have shown Universal Electro Tech, and Universal Switchboards throughout the year. As a team we have had a strong focus on pricing correctly, even though we have lost opportunities throughout the year. We want to ensure that we not only lead the way electrically, but provide a good service alongside quality workmanship, to support and sustain industry growth. Reactive price slashing is a precipitous decline in industry profits, creating psychological debilitation ultimately taking a toll on individual mental health and the overall life blood of an organisation. Our team is different, we don’t engage in perpetually lowering pricing and this is upheld by our clients supporting Universal Electro Tech and Universal Switchboards.

There is a sense of achievement looking back over small and large wins. Accomplishments, not matter how minor, activates the reward circuit in our brains, given us pride and triumph. In 2019 Racing and Wagering Western Australia (RWWA), Perth Racing, Daktronics, Outdoor Fabrication, Universal Electro Tech and Universal Switchboards all played an integral part in delivering one of the largest Super Screens in the Southern Hemisphere to Ascot Race Course in Ascot, Western Australia. Our team at Universal Electro Tech, completed all the electrical work and Universal Switchboards supplied and commissioned the distribution board, to provide power to the Super Screen. In addition, our team completed a major electrical infrastructure upgrade to over 150 units in Victoria Park, which included all new switchboards that had been designed, built and installed by Universal Switchboards.

The greatest highlight is our recent acquisition of Professional Cabling Services, enabling our group of companies to expand its service offering to the market. Professional Cabling Services has been established for more than 32 years and is WALGA approved. They have developed an invaluable reputation and provide on-going contracting services to defence, government, education, health and the commercial sector within Perth and the South West. CHR Electrical Pty Ltd is now T/A Universal Electro Tech, Universal Switchboards and Professional Cabling Services with a staff compliment of 29 employees.

Success is not always about electrical work, but supporting local organisations and the community. Fortuna Foundation undertake projects to support public welfare, providing a life line of hope to a stranger on the street. There projects are aimed to create long term value propositions for people in need and can be done in collaboration with other organisations to alleviate poverty among children, the aged, veterans, disabled and the homeless. The Positive Spin project aims to cover the gap that currently exists in seventeen suburbs in Perth and surrounding areas, to provide free mobile laundry services to the homeless and disadvantaged. On the 28th of December, Fortuna Foundation will continue with the festivities by handing out emergency packs and distributing food in Perth City to the homeless. Universal Electro Tech were proud to be a Corporate Gold Sponsor in August 2019 and look forward to continuing to support, meaningful projects in 2020.

Our offices and workshop will be closed from the 20th of December 2019 to the 6th of January 2020. This however, does not mean that our lights are off over the festive period. Our team of festively wired electricians are available for emergency works. We look forward to continuing to work with our existing clients, and develop long-term relationships with prospective clients. We are powered to take you from darkness into light, ensuring nothing but a positive electrical experience. For all your electrical requirements, contact Universal Electro Tech and Universal Switchboards, on (08) 9328 9491 | | or visit our premises at 105 Robinson Avenue, Belmont, WA 6104.

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