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The world is different from what we knew, many organisations around the world are no longer operating, or sitting tentatively waiting for a window of opportunity to re-open. The reality however, is many business owners cannot afford to wait and live-in hope with an unknown time frame. They have had to innovate and find a way to adapt to ensure relevance in today’s changing marketplace. As a community, we can all play our part in supporting a local, small business. “Support your friend’s business and progression like you support the celebrities that you actually don’t know”. – Anonymous. At Universal Electro Tech we love to support and share local organisations expertise. This is Kathryn Fritz’s story from ‘The Funky Fun Mama of Events’ and her love of events.

The Funky Fun Mama of Events

As the name suggests, Mama Fritz cares for her clients as she would her children. She wants the best success for her clients and how they are represented with their events. Remember how often we went to our mother for advice, we looked at them in awe of their worldly knowledge. They were generally the ones to create a home, and organise all the important family gatherings and celebrations in the year. Today the world is moving faster, both parents often working and juggling day-to-day responsibility, creating a need for time to do things they want to. Mama Fritz Events is designed to take the stress and anguish away while giving back your time to do the things you choose to do! It enables people to enjoy the event and be part of it, instead of working in it. It is an event that becomes remembered for all the right reasons.

Unfortunately, like many organisations in 2020, Mama Fritz was thrown a curveball with Covid.

Strangely in 2012 when Kathryn set up her tourism business, she had written a threat on her SWOT analysis “Global illness. People will not be able to travel and they will be locked in their homes.” Her mentor at the time laughed. “That will never happen.”

She never forgot this particular day in 2020. She arrived early that Monday at the office, not having slept a wink that weekend, knowing that her ticketed events would need to go online. A concept many people were not familiar with at the time. When she opened Outlook, Kathryn had one email after another come through. Within one hour every event and tour booked and organised for 2020 was cancelled and refunded. Clients were appreciative and said they would return when they could. All that hard work down the drain with her international, national, and local clients.

Following that Kathryn did a stock take for bottles of water, sanitisers, tissues, tea, coffee, sugar, muesli bars, nuts, and the sort after toilet paper. With bare shelves in the shops and no clients in the immediate future, it seemed a fruitful thing to do. After this, she sat at my desk, put her head in her hands, and cried. The world she knew had changed, with the stark realisation that it would never be the same again. Her existence was crumbling, with her foundations feeling like rubble.

What was I going to do?

As the Dalai Lama quoted, “Whenever there is a challenge, there is also an opportunity to face it, to demonstrate and develop our will and determination.” I was determined to embrace strength, resilience, and tenacity, despite the challenges faced with Covid.

The answer was in front of Kathryn and that was to create online events and online packages. This is exactly what she did and continues to do in 2021 as the need is very much still there: These online event packages consist of;

· Hosting an online event/ workshop. This is where another person is presenting, and that person does not want to do the technical side.

· Teaching individuals online presentation skills to effectively communicate with confidence.

· Zoom training for people to get the most out of their Zoom sessions

· Transforming and teaching people how to move their workshop to online. This has been so rewarding when clients have been so upset and felt they could no longer teach/ train people. Then after working with Mama Fritz they can conduct their workshops online with all their tools they normally would. They now can connect with clients all over the world.

Roslyn Fry, from Peek-A-Boo Infant Massage, in Willerton, Western Australia provided a testimonial.

“Recently I had a zoom meeting to learn all about the best way to use Zoom for teaching my Infant Massage Course. Kathryn taught me so well and at ease, I have been able to progress into my meetings with no issues. Can't thank Kathryn enough ” (NB: This was all taught-on Zoom while we were in lockdown 2020.)

In Western Australia, we have been incredibly fortunate that we have been able to attend events and start celebrating weddings, birthdays, engagements, networking and so much more. Covid has without doubt highlighted the importance of time and the need to feel connected to family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers. Do you want free time to spend with your family and friends, enjoying what life has to offer? Thinking of planning an event in the near or distant future? Every event starts with an idea. The event needs a purpose and goal, from this an event is born. Mama Fritz Events organise a variety of events of any size, in-person and online. Mama Fritz Events assist clients to organise their events, and tours by being their secret weapon so that you are the “Host with the Most”

Events include:

· Workshop/ Seminars/ Conferences

· Corporate packages

· Team building

· Exhibitions

· Online events

· Online event training

· Christmas functions

· End of financial year events

· Family reunions

· Tours

· Special occasions (birthdays, celebrations & selected wedding events)

The ethos with Mama Fritz is the need

· For the connection with others

· The promotion of businesses

· The collaboration and referrals with each other in business

· The opportunity to partake in new experiences

· Discover the unknown and step outside your comfort zone, all in a safe environment.

· Learning and education

· Memorable experiences to share with others.

· The need for growth in one’s life and business.

Events with Mama Fritz are tailor-made to complement each group, recognising individual needs, desires, and wants. No event is ever the same, Mama Fritz ensures authenticity, by listening to your event requirements in an initial consultation. Why wouldn’t you outsource an event like you would an accountant, bookkeeper, or HR consultant? The skills of an Event Manager are invaluable, they hold current industry knowledge of what is available and new, they work with local and trusted suppliers and take away the unnecessary stress. At the actual event, you can also enjoy the event and focus on your customers, team, or whoever you need to instead of working nonstop at the event yourself.

Team building is great to bring people together. It encourages collaboration and teamwork which get results. Through planned team-building events skills like communication, planning, problem-solving, and conflict resolution are achieved while being fun and motivating. These team-building events can range from traditional methods like building a raft together, to modern events like Master Chef competitions. Have you planned a conference or about to plan one? Mama Fritz Events can plan your actual conference. If the conference is planned, then Mama Fritz Events can plan accessories for your conference. This would include organised events of teambuilding or tours for delegates before, after, or during the conference. Often the partners of delegates at conferences are forgotten. This is where Mama Fritz can entertain the partners with pamper packages, shopping tours, or sightseeing that fit into the itinerary of the conference. A very popular service indeed.

“Kathryn has everything all worked out AND contingencies should anything go wrong. Your event is in safe hands with Mama Fritz and you can get on with doing what you do best, knowing she has your back.” – Wendy Corner, Commcoach, Bassendean, Western Australia.

Event tourism is a specialized area that Mama Fritz works in. For 20 years Kathryn Fritz has been promoting local businesses around Perth and Western Australia. Being a “Foodie” herself there is a deep understanding of the exploration and discovery of new places to go. This includes a wide range of food and beverages with award-winning wineries, microbreweries, restaurants, and more. Included in this would be sharing the experiences of visiting art studios the public do not have access to all year round, on the move photography lessons, astronomy, sports tourism, and wildflowers. Western Australia is truly a treasure chest of hidden jewels, adventure, and discovery.

Do you have an office or venue with blank walls? Would you like to have them decorated and have art changed regular? With over 80 local award-winning artists, Mama Fritz can organise your walls to be a continual display of different art. A great talking point with your clients. For over 25 years Kathryn Fritz has organised art and photography exhibitions for artists and photographers. These exhibitions also form interest for consumers of art.

Know a bride and groom that have announced their wedding. It can be very exciting and daunting at the same time. A bride and her loved ones usually want to have that experience of planning their wedding rather than have an event planner/ manager to organise the wedding. However, they may not know exactly how or who to go to. Mama Fritz Events has a consulting service. This involves a meeting with the bride and nominated loved one. Covered in this are the conversations that need to be communicated with each other involved, themes, all items relating to the wedding, planned schedules, budgets, running sheets for the day, and referrals to professional suppliers. Did you know a wedding can involve up to 250 businesses on a three-tier level? Understandably, one wedding would not use all these businesses.

Business L.I.T.E.S. (Learn. Inspire. Thrive. Empower. Succeed.) is an event organised by Mama Fritz Events. This is the opportunity for like-minded business people to get together with open minds to learn new business techniques to grow them and their businesses. Every month there is a presentation from an expert in their field. This is a great opportunity for business networking and building those business relationships. This is 10.00am-11.30am, the third Tuesday of every month (January – November). Starting this year there is also a Zoom event once a month that will be held. The group has been going for over four and a half years now.

If you are looking for an authentic experience, whether on an eight-seater bus for event transfers or the magic touch to create an unforgettable extravaganza, Mama Fritz has the expertise and knowledge to deliver. It is not about the size of the event, it is the quality, detail, time, care, and passion put into an event that makes it memorable. If you want to be the “host with the most” reach out to Kathryn Fritz, The Funky Fun Mamma of Events, to discuss your event purpose, goals, and ideas with her. The world is different, but as a community, we can come together to support locals and ensure their sustainability for generations to come. “Support your friends. Don’t ask for free stuff, pay for it. Go to their shows, be the first to buy their products and promote their ideas.” – Anonymous

Kathryn Fritz

The Funky Fun Mama of Events

Specialised Event Planner, Mama Fritz Events

Mobile 0411 032 603

ODBS No: 1000670

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02 de mar. de 2021

As a corporate trainer who has spent many an hour setting up, packing up and negotiating with venues around food intolerances, I still can't wrap my head around handballing all of that to Kathryn and my only obligation being simply to turn up ... and collect the revenue. Where has this been all my life?? Love your work Kathryn and look forward to having you as part of the Reboot tribe. 😍

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