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Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Our celebrations of New Year seem almost a life time ago with a world that we only once knew. We could never have imagined that in only three months that our social landscape would change so fundamentally. A virus that would grip our nation and world, bringing people to their knees with uncertainty and fear. It is easy to become cocooned in panic clutching to what was. If, however, we stay still and don’t adapt, we will be left behind in a world that will be shaped by change in the coming days, weeks and months. “We are billions of caterpillars forced into our cocoons, being called on to change from the inside out, to metamorphosize to rest, and reflect and sprout our wings” – Unknown.

When we are swept up in the celebrations of a New Year, we are often tempted to make overly ambitious resolutions. Whether it is being more active and exercising to lose weight and feel physically and mentally fit, saving money, reducing stress or spending more time with family and friends. For any goal to be effective and to be achieved, it has to be realistic and manageable. Do you know how to manage and plan, to get the best out of your day that you don’t feel mentally and physically exhausted? With many individuals being tasked with working from home, a new routine needs to be found with both the mind and body being exercised to maximise physical and mental health.

It can seem daunting having a long list of tasks that you want to achieve. Are you one of many that fall into a trap of putting your goals on the back burner? Are you three months in and don’t have any results to show? Has this been intensified with the global crises, social distancing and on-line engagement with no access to our local communities’ centres, gyms, libraries and restaurants? In times of uncertainty divert your focus on finding a business partner to help you scale your organisation, and smash your professional and personal goals. Time does not stand still, while others use this as an opportunity to spring board there business, where do you see yourself during and after Covid-19? Is it possible for your business to go into hibernation or should you be thinking about a new strategy?

May Dynamics is a husband and wife duo, providing the perfect solutions to scaling your business alongside self-defence. Jen May is a business success partner, specialising in transforming organisations, to make them profitable, productive, systematic and scalable. Garry May is a behaviour and systems specialist, focusing on business development with May Dynamics and a Global Instructor with Dynamic Krav Maga, helping kick physical goals. There is no sugar-coating, just value and getting the best out of people to deliver purposeful results. In some instances, people don’t immediately see the connection between business consulting and self-defence (Dynamic Krav Maga). Krav Maga teaching is founded on four pillars – tactical, physical, mental and technical, all of which apply equally to the world of business, a hand in glove fit.

Innovate or get left behind? Live in the past, or live in the here and now where you prepare for the future. May Dynamics and Dynamic Krav Maga has demonstrated their ability to innovate and pivot their business model, ensuring access to on-line business consulting and Krav Maga classes. They also have a key focus on our medical community, providing access to two months free on-line Krav Maga training, resources and support until the end of May 2020. Doctors or Nurses practicing in a WA hospital, as well as Paramedics, can access quality self-defence training, HIT workouts & mental conditioning exercises, to keep them safe, confident and fit. Are you stuck in the past on your New Year’s resolutions or are you ready to embrace change with May Dynamics and Dynamic Krav Maga to shape your future, ensuring a sustainable landscape lies ahead of you?

Jen May – Managing Director

0428 199961

Gary May – Director

0448 362 077

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