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Updated: Oct 28, 2020

June for Australians is a month of preparation for financial year end. It marks the end of a year, and what has been achieved financially and professionally over the last 12 months within business. Nothing remains static, we are constantly required to evolve and adapt to our internal and external environment. Our success is measured from the previous financial year and enables us to set new objectives to manage the road ahead. There are twists, turns and stumbling blocks in business that we can only try and anticipate and prepare for to sustain the organisations growth. This year has proven to be an unprecedented year of uncertainty and disruption globally. Progress however, cannot stop and the need to ensure electrical safety within the community is paramount.

Progress is dependent on innovation and ensuring you stay at the forefront of your industry. The light bulb is a classic example of evolution and the need for change to adapt to technological changes. The first artificial light source was an Arc lamp, that was generated by an electric spark through the air between two carbon rods. In order for the light to stay ignited the gap between the rods had to be perfect. It was acknowledged over time that the rods only last 75 hours and required human intervention to be replaced. In addition, the bulb produced harmful UV rays emitting carbon monoxide gas which was harmful.

In 1879 the incandescent light bulb was introduced and in 1880 it was commercialised. Lighting continued to develop in a short period of time and in 1882 the Halogen light bulb was introduced. General Electric patented the commercially viable halogen lamp using iodine as the halogen gas in 1959. The halogen light bulb is known for moderately high efficiency, and quality of light compared to the regular incandescent bulbs. The halogen lamps have been commonly known to be used in both commercial and residential applications. In our homes we use them in our cabinets to provide light whereas commercially they are commonly used as automotive headlamps.

In 1962 Nick Nolonyak an employee for General Electric developed the first Light-Emitting Diode (LED). Inevitably, progress had to continue to be made and in 1976 the Compact Florescent lamp (CFL) was created, increasing the illumination and improving energy. CFLs use one-fifth to one-third the electric power, and last 8 to 15 times longer, but are known to have a higher purchase price. LED lighting has become one of the most popular choice of light today and has the added benefit of being eco-friendly and free of toxic chemicals. Infrared LED are used in TV remote controls, wireless controls and DVD’s.

Progress is inevitable in a fast-moving society where convenience is paramount to the consumer. Products have become more compact, versatile and accessible to the buyer. To think the world's first electronic television was created in the early 19th century. Looking back the unit was large, clunky and took up space in our living rooms. Today the design has become sleek with the ability to be wall or ceiling mounted in our homes, offices or medical rooms. Our electrical safety is critical, this means we need to ensure our wiring is up to date with regulations. We cannot expect to run our homes and offices with optimal performance and output but have archaic wiring and fixtures and fittings.

Universal Electro Tech, together with Universal Switchboards, provide a comprehensive range of technically advanced electrical services to the residential and commercial industry throughout Perth, and regional areas of Australia. We believe in providing quality electrical solutions because we understand the importance of installing products that are compliant to protect your premises for decades to come. Change is unavoidable but electrical safety is a necessity 365 days a year. Universal Electro Tech, Universal Switchboards and Professional cabling Services | | (08) 9328 9491 | | | (08) 9478 5311 located at 105 Robinson Avenue, Belmont, WA 6104 and Unit 4/4 Picton Road, WA Bunbury 6230.

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