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Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Have you ever asked a question and regretted it almost immediately because it was not what you wanted to hear? How often have you considered asking the question ‘How would you describe me’ to a friend, client, colleague, or manager? There must be a real willingness to want to receive and hear feedback, but the question is what do you do with it? Perception unfortunately becomes another person’s reality. How your behaviour, body language, tone of voice and gestures are perceived impact the integrity of the relationship you are establishing. Tom Cates affirmed “Strong customer relationships drive sales, sustainability and growth”. Are you creating positive rumours about yourself, your brand and organisation or are you generating negative gossip tarnishing your reputation without realising it?

Individuals who focus on the relationship place the customer first, adding value and spending time with their prospect to build trust. Today we are being led by artificial intelligence, but individuals still require connection and for the sales process to be humanised. To grow our relationships, we need to be receptive to feedback. To create success and adapt to a changing environment, if we are not prepared to hear we are unable to grow. People buy from people, not an organisation. Prospective customers want to engage with someone they have the space to get to know, like and trust. Paul May from BuzzStreem so perfectly stated “Build the right relationships with the right people and nurture them over time and you’ll always have a leg up on the competition.

Technology is not going anywhere; it will continue to develop and evolve becoming easier to access making our day to day lives more efficient. Today we live in a world wanting more convenience, but this is having a negative impact on our ability to communicate. Research has shown that overuse and dependency on technology may cause adverse psychological effects, particularly in developing children impacting them more significantly. Technology can grip ones focus for hours, causing eye strain, poor posture, depression, insomnia, isolation, anxiety and reduced physical activity. In a digital age, that is ingrained in our daily lives we need to create healthy habits. There will always be negative noise about technology and the impact it is having on our ability to develop relationships and communicate, but the positives will out way.

“Showing up builds trust. Trust builds relationships. Relationships build your business.” -Unknown. What do you need to do to grow personally to create a positive experience? When you know what matters to your prospects, it demonstrates your ability to listen and solve their problem. When you are willing to ask for feedback and really hear it, you demonstrate a desire for personal and professional growth. It creates a solid foundation with your employees, customers and clients. In a service-based industry, people want to feel sincerity, they want to know you are competent and your service is personalised. It is expected you can read body language and connect with the customer to truly identify their pain points and solve their problems. This requires the ability to be attentive and effectively communicate, placing the customer first.

Universal Electro Tech, together with Universal Switchboards, provide a comprehensive range of technically advanced electrical services to the residential and commercial industry throughout Perth, and regional areas of Australia. We believe in building a positive relationship with our clients, providing quality electrical solutions to ensure you work or live in a safe environment. Change is unavoidable but building relationships are fundamental. Universal Electro Tech, Universal Switchboards and Professional cabling Services | | (08) 9328 9491 | | | (08) 9478 5311 located at 105 Robinson Avenue, Belmont, WA 6104 and Unit 4/4 Picton Road, WA Bunbury 6230.

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