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Updated: Dec 8, 2020

People Safety First

Are you one of those people that drive on an empty tank and know how far you can push your vehicle, before having to walk to the nearest fuel station? Or, are you the individual who prefers not to test the limits and always has your tank fuelled ready for your next journey? The fuel light is a necessity as it gives us warning to take action. When there is an electrical problem in our home or office, we don’t always have a light as a warning sign. We are dependent on sight and smell to determine if an issue is present. There are electrical hazards that take place daily in homes, offices, factories and on construction sites. To reduce the risk of electrical hazards we need to be aware of what to look for.

Wiring and electrical cords seem an obvious one, but when something still works even though it shows signs of damage, we keep using it. Cords that are damaged, frayed or pierced increase the risk of an electrical accident. Electrical cords are cost effective to replace and come in different lengths to suit your needs. Wiring however, behind walls is not visible to see but flickering lights or power surges are a good indicator to get the professionals in. Regular electrical maintenance will reduce a hefty up-front cost and will ensure you are reducing the risk of a potential hazard. If you are avoiding repairs because of the financial outlay, make sure to ask if the company has a payment plan or participate in the buy now, pay later scheme.

Do you feel the need to hide wiring because you want the environment you are in to look aesthetically pleasing? Make sure the wires are not covered to cause overheating and the risk of an electrical fire. If the wires are loosely on the floor, contact a maintenance company to neatly tack cords along a skirting board or wall. TV units, computers and appliances are also at risk of overheating due to poor ventilation and things being placed on top or around them. To prevent your appliances from overheating, make sure you have sufficient space around them to provide adequate ventilation. Unfortunately, there are still many offices or homes that do not have enough plug sockets, encouraging consumers to piggy back off extension cords. It is cost effective and worth investing in additional plug sockets, placing yours and others safety first.

We are taught at a very young age not to have electrical items, near water or have wet hands when touching electrical devices or appliances. Despite this, accidents still happen. Did you know that in the instance of an electrical fire, you cannot use water to put it out as it will only fuel it more. If you experience an electrical fire, cut off the electricity and use a fire extinguisher. If you do not have access to an extinguisher, evacuate the premises and call the fire department. Sometimes we take the obvious for granted like the light bulb. Fires start because we don’t look at the bigger picture. Light bulbs are a necessity in our every day life, but placing them too close to flammable materials like curtains, beds, sofas and plastics can cause a fire. Make sure you know the wattage to reduce the risk of overheating.

When last did you check your switchboard at home or work? Do you know if you have Residual Current Device’s (RCD’s) in place? These are safety switches that reduce the risk of electrical shocks and death. “This electrical wiring is designed to automatically and quickly disconnect a circuit when it detects that the electrical current is not balanced between the supply and return conductors of a circuit” - Wikipedia. Electrical maintenance is a requirement to maintain a safe environment. If the vehicle runs out of fuel, the risk we have is our pride being dented. Electrical issues have no room for pride as it can be costly and deadly. Know when to reach out to the professionals and ask for help, DIY kills and doing nothing places you at risk of property damage and electrocution.

Universal Electro Tech, together with Universal Switchboards, provide a comprehensive range of technically advanced electrical services to the residential and commercial industry throughout Perth, and regional areas of Australia. We believe in building a positive relationship with our clients, providing quality electrical solutions to ensure you work or live in a safe environment. “Preventative Maintenance: Don’t start today by doing yesterday’s work.” -Deniece Shofield. Universal Electro Tech, Universal Switchboards and Professional cabling Services | | (08) 9328 9491 | | | (08) 9478 5311 located at 105 Robinson Avenue, Belmont, WA 6104 and Unit 4/4 Picton Road, WA Bunbury 6230.

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