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Updated: Jul 23, 2020


Miners, Construction workers and tradie’s have the highest suicide rates of any occupation in Australia.

On Saturday the 28th of July, the team at Universal Electro Tech said goodbye to Andrew - 6 December 1990 – 21 July 2018. Andrew started his electrical career at Universal Electro Tech in 2012 as an apprentice, where he worked and played hard to qualify as an electrician in 2016. His energy and drive to succeed, led him to open his own business Electrex WA in 2016. Although Andrew left Universal Electro Tech in a permanent capacity, we continued to call upon him as an electrical contractor due to his high work ethic, dedication and charisma.

It is never easy saying goodbye and no words can begin to describe the devastation and loss felt. Andrew will not be remembered for his final decision, but someone who wore his heart on his sleeve, a man that was larger than life and someone who could fill a room with copious amounts of energy, laughter and an infectious smile. He is sorely missed both in a personal and professional capacity.

The American Association of Suicidology developed a simple tool that is available for everyone to use to remember the warning signs of suicide. This tool is called “IS PATH WARM” and outlines the key points to remember.

I – Ideation (suicidal thoughts)

S – Substance Abuse

P – Purposelessness

A – Anxiety

T – Trapped

H – Hopelessness/Helplessness

W – Withdrawal

A – Anger

R – Recklessness

M – Mood changes

Other signs and behaviours to be aware of and that might suggest someone being at risk of suicide include – but are not limited to:

· Direct and indirect verbal expressions: “I don’t want to live anymore”, “there is nothing to live for anymore”, “people will be better off without me”

· Dramatic changes in mood

· Loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities

· Agitation

· Increase in drug and alcohol use

· Risk taking behaviour

· Aggressive, impulsive and/or violent acts

· Expressions of hopelessness and purposelessness

· Lack of self-care or outright neglect of self

· Sleeping too much or too little

· Feeling tired most of the time

· Gaining or losing a significant amount of weight

· Changes in eating and sleeping pattern

· Withdrawal from family, friends, and interests

· Giving away prize possessions and/or making a will; tidying up personal affairs; writing notes; making notes on belongings

· Reconnecting with old friends and extended family as if to say goodbye

· Previous unresolved or recent suicide attempt(s)

· Unusual happiness and peace after an intense period of turmoil and displaying the above characteristics

If you need help, reach out to a friend, family member, colleague, general practitioner or a professional association like Lifeline 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue 1300 224 636 Take the first step by reaching out and talking to someone about how you feel, help is available, your life counts!

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