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Spring is truly underway with the beauty of Australia’s flora blooming and its eye-catching landscape. There is a sense of pleasure as you step out of your work Ute to smell the fresh cut grass with the sun beaming down on your back. It reminds one of change, new life and embracing the start of a day doing what you love most. For us to deliver an exceptional service and provide comprehensive electrical solutions to prospective clients, it requires a great team of employees which starts at the recruitment process.

The recruitment industry has changed significantly over the recent years where human intervention has become less. It has in fact evolved so much that it is likely your resume is being screened by an ‘Applicant Tracking System’ (ATS), in laymen terms a robot. Technology is essential and we understand that human intervention would be difficult with several hundreds or thousands of applications for one job post. It begs the question however, how many highly competent or qualified candidates are being disregarded and slip through the nets because of the advancement of technology. At Universal Electro Tech we are fortunate that we do not use ATS and human intervention is applied. We recently posted a job advert seeking to appoint an Electrical Apprentice and what became apparent was overwhelming and sad.

When applying for a position, candidates are vulnerable and at the mercy of a prospective employer, hoping, wondering and waiting with anticipated breath for an answer, was I ‘successful’ or ‘unsuccessful’. What became clear is candidates that have been unemployed, want a career change or have worked in polar opposite industries, habitually are not given an opportunity to be heard or seen. Have organisations become narrow minded or rigid in their approach to recruit? Often the best employees are those from an entirely different industry, the mom or dad who has been a stay at home parent or the mature adult who wants to embark on a career change. We are all accountable for our own future, but it takes one person to believe in another individual and not be bound by preconceived conditions to be given an opportunity.

Troy Talbot-Smith has spent the last 14 years working in the security industry and was determined to make a career change. Despite Troy having worked in a different industry, Universal Switchboards appointed him on the 3rd of September in the capacity of a Switchboard Workshop Assistant. In a short period of time, Troy demonstrated commitment, a desire to want to learn and a relentless focus to pursue his passion for the electrical industry. With an impression left on our management team, Troy was signed up to an Electrical Apprenticeship on the 26th of October 2018. Despite the knock backs of numerous job applications, Troy’s positive attitude and determination to pursue his dream of becoming an Electrician prevailed.

On the 8th of October Corey Turner joined our Switchboards team as a qualified Electrician with more than eight years’ experience in Switchboard engineering. He loves the theoretical and technical aspects of being an Electrician, and never feels it becomes dull. Corey took the time to hand deliver his c.v. which allowed us to retain his information and contact him when a suitable position became available. He is a credible employee, part of a dynamic team, bringing electrical concepts to life by building technically robust Switchboards that are functional and visually remarkable.

Technology will continue to shape the workforce and influence the way we recruit prospective employees. For many candidates out there applying day in and day out, don’t become despondent. Revamp your CV, look at networking sites relevant to your trade, contact companies directly by telephone, hand deliver a portfolio of your experience or create a video about yourself and submit this alongside your resume. There will be someone, somewhere that will give you an opportunity. As Earl NigWant to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. Nightingale quoted “Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway”.

Spring has sprung, days are getting warmer and brighter and a new energy can be felt as we soak up the sun and dream of tomorrow. We thrive on fostering an environment of learning and personal development and look forward to appointing new Electrical Apprentices in the coming months. If you want to engage in our recruitment process or experience first class electrical solutions designed and delivered by Universal Electro Tech and Universal Switchboards, contact our team on (08) 9328 9491 | | or visit our premises at 105 Robinson Avenue, Belmont, WA 6104.

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